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You can’t learn design online

Today, the number of online courses, online certificate, and degree programs, and the scores of eager students, has grown exponentially in all disciplines — design included. Suddenly, instead of moving to a costly design capital like New York or London, students can learn the basics from the comfort of their own homes. With a few classes under their belts, they can build out their portfolios, start interviewing, and land a great job. The rationale is perfectly sound. I may not be the most unbiased person to weigh in on the matter, as I teach design “offline.” But given that I…

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Need an existential reason for ditching Alexa? Here are a few

Alexa’s creepy laugh is far from the most worrying thing about her. This is despite the fact that Amazon’s digital assistant – which allows users to access the internet and control personal organization tools simply by speaking to the device – has been reported to spontaneously chuckle to herself. We shouldn’t be too concerned about her going rogue and turning on us either – a Terminator-style takeover by artificial intelligence doesn’t seem imminent. But Alexa does pose one immediate threat. Rather than worrying about AI becoming more human, we should fear ourselves becoming more artificial by outsourcing important actions and…

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PRINCE2 will have you leading and managing any project like a boss for only $19

With these two Complete PRINCE2 certification training courses ($19, an over 90 percent savings from TNW Deals), you can learn the steps of PRINCE2 for yourself and get ready for testing to serve as a true PRINCE2 expert.

Egypt now has a WhatsApp hotline for reporting fake news

Egypt has announced a new hotline for citizens to report fake news. Launched on Monday, 12 March 2018, the hotline will run on WhatsApp and will allow to citizens to report news that aims to “to endanger the nation’s security or public interests.” The announcement was made through a statement by Egypt’s General Prosecution office. “This comes to apply the orders of the Prosecutor General Nabil Sadek to monitor what is being published on different media outlets and social media websites,” reads the statement. Since 2017, Egyptian authorizes have been blocking Qatar-linked online publications such as Al-Jazeera, The Huffington Post Arabic,…

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Y Combinator has its ups and downs, so I’m using this original roller coaster analogy

A few weeks back, I wrote about what it means to be at Y Combinator on a pretty practical level: how the weeks are organized around YC dinners and office hours, the importance of focus and goals, and the resources YC has to offer. But I omitted one of the biggest effect of YC: the roller coaster feeling. This is something classic for any entrepreneur. Your motivation and certainty oscillate at a super high frequency between bulletproof optimism and feeling like everything is going against your best efforts. And to be honest, coming into YC I thought I might have…

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Elon Musk deletes Facebook pages he didn’t even know he had

Elon Musk has jumped on the #deletefacebook train, deleting the pages for SpaceX and Tesla from the disgraced social media site and erasing their millions-strong followings. In case you’ve been living in seclusion for the last week or so, Facebook has found itself embroiled in a scandal involving a data analysis firm that is quickly becoming one of the messiest kerfuffles in the site’s history. If you want to know the essential details and how it effects you, read Bryan’s breakdown. In response, the hashtag #deletefacebook has started trending on Twitter. Musk originally joined the conversation with a snarky response…

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Watch this AI figure out how to place blocks in Minecraft

Artificial intelligence doesn’t compare favorably to humans when it comes to problem solving. Ask any eight year old child to place a few blocks on a grid in Minecraft and they’ll almost certainly be bored by the task. A computer, on the other hand, doesn’t grasp such difficult concepts so easily. Stephan Alaniz, a researcher with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Technische Universitat Berlin, yesterday published a white paper titled “Deep Reinforcement Learning with Model Learning and Monte Carlo Tree Search in Minecraft.” In his paper the scientist explains his efforts to create a superior method for…

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Review: These two ultra-rugged phones can survive even the clumsiest of owners

Imagine if someone extracted and condensed the sheer rugged bad-assery of 24’s Jack Bauer, and put it into a phone. Two phones, actually. Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the opportunity to play around with two ultra-rugged handsets: the Aermoo M1 and the Blackview 9000 Pro. These phones are like nothing you’ll see at your local Best Buy. For starters, they’re intended for a more niche audience of adventurers, construction workers, and anyone who spends time in the great outdoors. And when I say ultra-rugged, I mean it. They’re designed from the outset to be rough-and-tough. That means…

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Review: The Logitech G513 is in a class all its own

Logitech’s G513 mechanical keyboard is in a class all its own. If you ever accidentally stumble upon The Bat Cave and catch Bruce Wayne playing Overwatch in his off time, this is the keyboard he’ll be using. For the past few weeks I’ve been using a pair of G513s as my daily driver for work and my after hours keyboard for gaming. It’s a beautifully designed gaming keyboard that hits all the right notes. And it maintains a small footprint with surprisingly few sacrifices. Best of all though, it proves you don’t have to give up comfort to have a…

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Apple proposes new accessibility emoji to include guide dogs and prosthetic limbs

Apple today submitted an official proposal to the Unicode Consortium, requesting a greater variety of emoji representing those with disabilities. The company says it wants to fill a gap that exists in the language of emoji. The emoji include an ear with a hearing aid, a person making the ASL sign for “deaf,” a person walking with a cane, people in two different wheelchairs, and two kinds of prosthetic limb. It also includes both a guide dog in a harness, and a service dog in a vest, with Apple pointing out the different purposes of each animal and why they…

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