We’re offering startups huge discounts for TNW Conference 2018

Conferences are the perfect place to meet potential partners, clients, and investors at the same time – but not all startups can afford to rent a booth for thousands of euros. To make it easier for startups to build relationships with those who can help shape your company’s future, we’ve decided to slash the prices for TNW Conference 2018. For just €199 per person, startups can enjoy access to our best-in-class matchmaking platform, participate in curated meetings with investors and partners, and explore what our popular side events have to offer. Matchmaking Last year, more than 350 startups participated in…

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Take any project from start to finish with Agile Project Management training for under $25

With the Agile Project Management Training course ($23.40 with coupon code "USA40," over 90 percent off from TNW Deals only today), you can find out all about Agile and what it can do for your career.

Do you want a black box AI deciding whether you live or die?

We may already feel cozy about artificial intelligence making ordinary decisions for us in our daily life. From product and movie recommendations on Netflix and Amazon to friend suggestions on Facebook, tailored advertisements on Google search result pages and auto corrections in virtually every app we use, artificial intelligence has already become ubiquitous like electricity or running water. But what about profound and life-changing decisions like in the judiciary system when a person is sentenced based on algorithms he isn’t even allowed to see. A few months ago, when Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. visited the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate…

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The EU maintains an amazing list of myths about the EU

While browsing through the EU’s massive online presence — you know, for fun — we came across a pretty interesting website run by the European Commission’s representation in the UK. The website is called Euromyths A-Z index and, like the name implies, has a list of debunked misconceptions ranging from semi-plausible to the absurd — surprisingly coupled with a five-star rating system. The list mostly focuses on myths that UK citizens might have been exposed to during the Brexit campaign. It’s full of familiar and less familiar lies — most of them pretty entertaining — which most people hopefully recognize…

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How can you determine your website’s authority, and what can you do to improve it?

One of the most important and influential SEO metrics many marketers, and specifically content marketers, pay attention to is Domain Authority (DA).

The Domain Authority metric was developed by Moz as a means of quantifying your website’s relative importance as a whole – its authority.

It provides an insight into the SEO “strength” of your website, and its likelihood of ranking for certain keywords. Essentially, the higher this number is, the higher you’ll rank in the SERPs, and the more traffic you’ll have.

Like most SEO metrics, this number fluctuates based on several factors, and to improve your authority, you first need to determine where your website stands among the others online.

Not sure where to start? Compiled below is a guide to help you determine your website’s authority and improve your score.

Understanding Domain Authority

Before you determine your website’s authority, you should first understand the key components of DA. Domain Authority is scored on a one to 100 scale with 100 being the highest score a website can attain.

Here are some of the ways Moz determines your Domain Authority:

  • MozRank: In short, MozRank takes into account the number of links your website has, as well as the quality of those links. For example, if a website has 100 poor quality links, their MozRank score will be lower than that of a website that has 50 high-quality links within their website.
  • Root domains: Moz also looks at the number of different links your website has. The more websites you have linking to you, the higher your score in this area.
  • Search engine friendliness: We’ll look at technical SEO later on, but this factor takes into account how well your website interacts with search engines. Ultimately, Moz looks at how user-friendly your website is based on its overall structure.
  • Quality content: Google and other search engines take into account the quality of your website’s content. This is also the case with your Moz Domain Authority score. The higher quality content, the better your website will perform in this area.
  • Social media signals: When determining your Domain Authority score, Moz takes into account social media signals. The algorithm looks at how many times a piece of content has been shared, liked, or commented on via social media platforms.

How to determine your website’s authority

There are several places you can locate your website’s authority score: Open Site Explorer, MozBar, or the Keyword Explorer all show you your score.

Here’s an example of Search Engine Watch’s domain authority score in Open Site Explorer. You’ll notice the score is 86 out of 100, which is a relatively high-ranking score on the scale.

Next to the domain authority score you’ll find the page authority score, which ranks an individual page, as opposed to a whole website.

How to improve your website’s authority score

Improving your website’s domain authority isn’t as simple as changing your meta tags. It requires heavy research on your end.

However, there are ways of improving your domain authority. Before you take these steps, make sure you’re getting rid of bad links first. Removing any low-quality links first improves your website’s authority.

Work on your technical SEO

In order for your domain authority score to raise, ensure your technical SEO is up to par. This is the foundation of any SEO tactic when you’re trying to improve rankings in the SERPs. This includes doing a full audit on your meta tags, word count, keywords, alt tags, and site structure.

Here are some quick ways to work on your technical SEO:

  • Keywords: Make sure you’re not stuffing keywords into your content. This not only helps your SEO, it makes your content easier for your audience to read and process.
  • Meta description: Always make sure your meta description is filled out. Include your main keyword in your description.
  • Image optimization: Optimized images make your website load faster, and boost SEO.
  • Heading tags: This is basic, but it should be mentioned—use your H1, H2, and H3 heading tags for your main talking points.

Create content that’s linkable

Content marketing is another foundation that determines how high your DA score is. For this tactic to be successful, you need tons of content that’s shareable and linkable. If you’re not creating content that others want to link to, you won’t have any strong backlinks in your profile.

Start by creating long-form, quality content that’s informational and relevant to your industry or niche. But your content shouldn’t start and end with written content. Infographics and video content are also linkable and can help your website gain traction.

Creating lots of content requires manpower and budget, but it’s one of the most effective SEO tactics that also improves your DA score.

Link internally

There’s a lot of push to get marketers to focus on backlinking. Backlinking does help your DA score, but so does linking to other pages within your website. This is another place where your large amount of content comes into play.

The more content you produce, the more you’ll be able to link to other places on your website. Interlinking builds a strong foundation that helps search engine crawl bots determine how authoritative your website actually is.

Share on social media

Because social media signals are a huge factor, it’s important to share your content on all your social media platforms. Not only does this help your domain authority score, it also brings more traffic to your website.

It helps to add social media link buttons to all of your content—this makes it even easier for your visitors to share your content on their own social media pages.

The takeaway

Your domain authority score is based on several factors. If you look at those factors, you’ll notice two trends—technical SEO and content marketing. These are two of the most important themes to follow when improving the quality of your website.

Make sure your website is optimized for both the user and search engines by focusing on good technical SEO. Create engaging, quality content that’s easily shareable by your audience. Follow these steps and your domain authority will increase over time.

Is there anything you would add to this list? Let us know in the comment section below.

Amanda DiSilvestro is a writer for No Risk SEO, an all-in-one reporting platform for agencies. You can connect with Amanda on Twitter and LinkedIn, or check out her content services at amandadisilvestro.com.

These are the 10 essential skills that will land you a job in digital media

The digital media industry is booming, and digital marketing is becoming a necessity for any company or startup today. Digital marketing positions span the gamut, ranging from search engine optimization and web analytics to digital strategist and content marketing. According to a report from Forrester Research, “the U.S. digital marketing spend will near $120 billion by 2021 and investment in paid search, display advertising, social media advertising, online video advertising and email marketing will pace to 46% of all advertising in five years.” With nearly everyone today using a digital device, companies wishing to reach their customers and increase sales…

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IBM and Unity are teaming up to bring Watson’s AI to VR and AR games

IBM and Unity today announced a partnership to bring Watson’s AI functionality to the world’s most popular gaming engine, with built-in VR/AR features. The IBM Watson Unity SDK, available for free on the Unity Asset store, gives Unity developers access to the Watson suite of AI functions. This means millions of developers can now integrate AI into VR and AR games, with relative ease, directly within the game engine. Popular games like Star Trek Bridge Crew and Pokemon Go are developed in Unity, though few other VR or AR games have managed to crack the mainstream due to the high cost of…

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Cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail contemplates exit scheme on Twitter

Things rarely get more blatant than this. Days after losing roughly $195 million worth of users’ cryptocurrency, sketchy exchange desk BitGrail appears to be contemplating its next step: filing for bankruptcy or launching the platform all anew. The man behind the exchange desk – loosely identified as developer Francesco Firano, but more commonly known under his pseudonym ‘The Bomber’ – took to Twitter to ask users for advice on how he should proceed with the future of BitGrail. In a tweet posted in Italian, Firano presented two prospects for BitGrail: bankruptcy or re-launch. Cosa preferireste che facesse BitGrail? — Francesco…

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Cryptocurrency news 2/19/2018 – President’s day edition

Oh say can you see, by the dawn’s early Litecoin, something something about America, ♫♪ joke! ♫♪ Litecoin forked up their own blockchain So Litecoin cash allegedly launched, but it didn’t really because they’re actually yet to launch a wallet. Despite that, Yobit, a really untrustworthy exchange, rewarded people with “Litecoin cash” despite there not being an actual LCC blockchain that exists. As of writing this Litecoin cash is $3.68, or roughly three XRP (Ripple), which is kinda funny honestly. It was me I did this. I bought $400 million of Bitcoin. That’s my address.  I have 96,000 BTC now.…

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Google’s AI can now predict heart disease just by scanning your eyes

As if Google doesn’t already have its fingers in enough pies, the company is now taking aim at cardiovascular disease with the help of machine learning. In a paper published in Nature’s Biomedical Engineering journal (PDF), the search giant’s health subsidiary Verily detailed a method to predict risks of heart diseases that uses by scanning the rear interior wall of your eye. When photographed with the aid of a microscope and camera, that portion of your eye, known as the fundus, can give doctors an idea about the patient’s age, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and whether or not they smoke –…

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